Travel Mode

Car travel:

Just be cautious because you’ll tend to overpack here. Just remember you’ll need to carry those stuff up and down, pack and unpack it. I mean if you are staying in a high-end luxury accommodation where they will do all of that for you – but I’m guessing you wouldn’t then be driving there, would you?


Train travel/ Flight travel/ Ship/cruise travel:

Go for backpacks, duffel bags, or wheely bags. They are the most convenient for boarding and disembarking. Also, easy to shove under the seat in front of you.


On foot travel:

Backpack and a great pair of shoes.

Make sure you break in the shoes at least two weeks before you start your trip.

Walking sticks can be very useful especially when you’re not used to a lot of hiking or traveling on uneven/hilly terrain.

Check out the Roll and Fold guide for my tips on traveling by foot.

Check out my Camino journey here.

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Packing Lists

Over the years I have developed packing lists for almost every trip type, you’ll see that they are extensive and detailed.

I don’t pack every item on them I always use my judgment and consider what would be available at my destination but its a fail-safe set of lists to ensure I don’t forget anything when I pack to go or pack to come back and that I don’t need to spend time pondering what to pack or in the shops looking for what I should have packed with me.

I pull out my list, put the items in the bag, and I’m out of the door!


Download the guide that not only gives you access to the packing lists but also to all of my tips and tricks.

There is plenty more value in there for you.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. All sponsored posts will be declared.


  • Medicines, regular and also painkillers.

I always carry a pouch with paracetamol, ibuprofen, a couple of Lemsips, anti-sickness, anti-diarrheal, anti-colic meds in it. It has proven invaluable.

  • It goes without saying, you’d want to take a selfie stick. I have found the ones with a cable connection are more forgiving with my phone’s battery life than the Bluetooth connection ones.

A tripod is a good idea if you’re a solo traveler and want to take loads of photos.

  • Think about taking a kindle (if you enjoy reading) Vs a tablet/laptop.
  • Take the correct adaptor! I found this product incredibly useful when traveling, it’s worth every penny.

You can charge up to four devices on it, the only downside I experienced is if you happen to take a device with you like a hairdryer, you can’t use this adaptor as it requires a USB connection.

  • Noise reduction: I use the regular bog-standard earplugs. Another option is noise-canceling headphones or headbands with built-in headphones.
  • Travel pillow – I don’t pack it unless it’s a long haul flight, even then I think twice because most of the long haul airlines actually have comfy seats and headrests so you can do without.
  • Paperwork: passport, boarding passes, travel insurance, and bank cards. You can use Pass Andriod or iPhone Wallet to store your boarding passes.

I always carry a copy of my passport, and details of the travel insurance company, you might need them.

I wrote about some really good tips about money and how to carry more of it and staying safe in my traveling solo safely guide – check it out here.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. All sponsored posts will be declared.