Is a home-based business a scam?

is a home based business a scam

In the world we live in today, almost anything can be made to look legit and trustworthy, doesn’t it?
With the advances in technology and the online world, extra due diligence had become a must. I am sure we all know someone who has been scammed, their identity or money taken away with a click of a link.

How can you weed out a scam from what’s legit and worth your time?

Having been someone who has put their trust in an online business opportunity, started a home-based travel agency, managed to grow it against all odds during a pandemic year I wanted to share with you how you can tell if an opportunity is a scam or trustworthy.
This would not just apply to the travel industry but also to other online business opportunities out there.

You need to do your homework before you jump in!

is a hime-based business a scam

Things you need to check to know if a home-based business is a scam or not

The company you are affiliating with has a physical location, an address, an online presence with a customer base. And that you are able to speak to the person you are looking to work with and collaborate with once you take up the business venture, not just have a DM exchange. Ask to speak to them and ask questions.

The company has passed the 5-year test.
In the business world it is well known that businesses can collapse within five years of starting, that’s due to poor planning, large overhead requirements and little to no profit made to sustain the running of the company.
So, check how long has it been around since establishment. Are they making profit and expanding their customer base and geographic footprint? A successful company would be.  

Does it offer assurances and protections for both you and the consumer?
Talking specifically about the travel industry, you need to know that the company has the appropriate protections in place, for example ABTA and ATOL certificates to protect holiday bookings. And also has the appropriate data protection measures in place as well for both you and your customer.

Check if there is customer service available to help you deal with arising matters.

When you start an online business, you need to check how are you going to be supported by the company.

Check if you are going to be getting any training as part of your affiliation, would there be a licence granted or a certification to hold you in good position to advise your customers on the products.
What is the training and support structure, check if you are expected to work solo or would have a team that would help you out.
Is the company and ergo you selling an ethical product? A product that people would use and genuinely benefit from?

Is the pricing of said product reasonable? Vast majority of products sold and distributed in home-based businesses are unique products you wouldn’t be able to buy off the shelves at the supermarket or if you can they would come with a unique niche attached to them, they also come with a personal service from the business owner. So, you would need to consider those things when evaluating the price of the product.

Red flags to take note of

No investment or very high investment required.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of business opportunities out there that are out to get people rather than service them. “Get rich quick” or “get rich easy” doesn’t exist and I know you are too clever to fall for it.

There has to be an investment of capitol to gain a return of investment from the business you are starting, you can’t expect the flood gates to open while you have put in no money investment at first. Also, the same goes for time and effort investment.

But that shouldn’t break the bank, it should be a modest investment that is held by a money back guarantee by the company and if a profit guarantee existed, well even better!

You should be taking huge loans to pay for a home-based online business start-up. They are termed the great equalizer because most people from most backgrounds can access them and the success is down to the time and effort investment rather how many kidneys you sold to be able to get into the business opportunity.

Having to meet targets and quotas to qualify for payment

While the company provides the support and structure, the business should be on your terms. After all that’s what people start a home-based business for, the flexibility.

So having to push a certain amount of product or service per month can get quite taxing and missing by a small percentage can mean you don’t get the whole month’s income.

Make sure you check and conform that before you make a start.  

Having no product or service to sell

Well, that’s just exchanging money and it’s illegal. Like I mentioned earlier, the company needs to have an ethical product or service, one that people would use and genuinely benefit from.

The home-based business model is a clever one and you need to understand it and check it works for you. Like anything else in the world, it will work if you work it.

You cant go to the gym one day and have a ripped body the next morning, you can’t eat a salad once and drop 3 dress sizes and you cant definitely just start up a business and expect to be filthy rich by the weekend.

It doesn’t work like that and if that’s what you have to be told or promised then get out! That’s not the place to be.

Yes, you can get rich, you can replace your full-time income, you can use it as a side gig to pay off debt or some luxuries you’d like to have but same as your employer won’t pay you if you don’t show up for work then your business is not going to pay you if you don’t work it.

It’s only fair to deliver as much as you expect to be delivered to you.

So that’s my take on a home-based business, was it worth it for me? Absolutely yes!

Top Reasons Why I Started My Travel Business & Why During a Global Pandemic  

  1. Travel is the LARGEST industry in the WORLD! $8 Trillion Dollars and growing to 15 Trillion within the next 10 Years! It kept growing despite the pandemic.
  2. Everyone wants to, has to, or needs to do it at some point! Whether it’s for work or a holiday people are going to travel.
  3. More and more we see people wanting experiences, not things! Travel gives you experiences and a lifetime of memories.
  4. After a modest initial investment, it costs about £1 a day to operate my travel business. That’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee. I get access to a world-class system, training, licenses and protection, customer support, and 1:1 mentoring.
  5. I don’t charge customers extra for their travel bookings, the commission is already built into every travel transaction. My customer benefits from my services and experience and I benefit from the commission.
  6. Traveling as a consumer and traveling as a business owner is COMPLETELY different!
    A world of a difference I would say! You have access to different things not available to consumers and also different ways of experiencing travel.
  7. I work with a highly reputable company that has been around for over 30 years, holds the appropriate systems, protections, insurance, and license in place. Also offering the appropriate guarantees.
  8. I’m surrounded by a great thriving community that is all about collaboration and building each other up.

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Best restaurents around the world

Best restaurents in the world

I’m not only a travel junkie but I’m also a big foodie and I like to eat my way through the world, so far I have been to over 80 cities across the globe. 

That’s a lot of meals of different cuisines from all over the globe! Here I’m bringing to you the best restaurants around the world. 

Once you eat there, you’ll see food through a very different lens. Things won’t be the same anymore. 

I warned you!

New York café

Ranked as the ‘Most Beautiful Coffee House in the World’ and it is quite rightly so!

It is exquisitely decorated in the most luxurious of ways with colorful paintings on the ceiling, lush red velvet detailing the rails and chairs, golden details dotted around, and marble pillars. 

Its beauty is overwhelming (in a good way).

It is a must to add it on your to-visit list! Please promise me you have book marked it on your Google maps Wishlist.

We stayed at the New York hotel, which meant we can visit the café at any time we wished without having to queue up for a table. If you are short on time and are not staying in the hotel then I strongly suggest you book a table as the queues can get very lengthy.

What’s good there?

Everything! From the starters to the mains to the desserts and also the gold dust-decorated lattes.

When you walk in here you need to let yourself indulge in the atmosphere, the music, the food, and everything.

Forget the price tag. It’s a one-in-a-lifetime experience.


One of the most iconic restaurants in the world, dare I say. The restaurant first opened in 1866, rich in history and culture it has been a dining spot for royalty and celebrities alike, Queen Elizabeth had paid the place a visit after hearing so much about it.

It was our last night in Budapest, we had such a lovely relaxing time at the Szechenyi spa baths.

The dinner reservations were a lovely surprise, not many people were there. The place is so elegant from the inside, I wish I had dressed up more for the occasion. The service was impeccable, I must say. Lots of attention to detail.

You can choose a la carte or a tasting menu. They cater to pescatarians and vegetarians as well. The food was a delight, I took the duck tasting menu and it was a culinary journey that I fell in love with.

There’s a mini gift shop there as well that you can take food items back home as gifts or souvenirs.

As we finished the meal, we looked out of the window and it had started snowing. Not in an on my god it’s snowing how am I going to get back to the hotel kind of way but in a this is a romantic magical moment of snow falling with Christmas carols playing in the background, the decoration is up on the tree and everyone is being merry with a full heart.  


This place was a godsend after a long day walking around Budapest, the weather was cold in November and we just needed something to eat. I found it on a quick Google search, it was conveniently located at a walking distance from our hotel.

When you walk, you’ll get the vibe of a sports bar, but it was a nice sports bar vibe (not that I have been to many of them). It is suited for singles, couples, and families as well. It’s decorated with high chairs and high tables, don’t dress up for this place you won’t fit it in – anything casual would do.

They have a very unique BBQ philosophy using pure beech smoke, and their selection of meats is spot on.

I went for the Reuben sandwich. It was divine! One of the best meals I’ve had that made me go Mama Mia at first bite.

They have a very wide selection of items on the menu, and they all look so good you’d definitely want to come here time and time again to try them all.

best restaurents in the world
best restaurents in the world

Paserala restaurant

Some places are meant to stay with you, no matter how far they are, or how long ago you visited, they will always have a special place in the heart.

That was Paserala.

On the small Croatian island of Solta, hanging effortlessly on the seaside Paserala not only promises great food and excellent service but also that mystical je ne sais quoi feel to the ambiance.

We went for a dinner date, yes, I might have been high on the endorphins, but it still was an experience to be had.

The lower deck is lit by dim lighting, the waves of the sea lapping at the shore, a fisherman’s boat swaying with the waves, the smell of the sea, a light breeze in the air, the seating and table made out of rustic wood. It was picture-perfect.

I would recommend going for the seafood and for dessert, you should order the passion fruit panna cotta with two spoons 😉

Don’t order a taxi back straight away, take a stroll, enjoy the moonlight, the stars and catch those feels (even if you are solo).

best restaurents in the world

Martini’s Marchi

How do you end a perfect day at the beach? Well, you head to Martini’s Marchi restaurant!

On Maslinica bay on the island of Solta, you will find this jewel of the Mediterranean.

They have both a restaurant and a hotel.

I’ve only tried the restaurant which is superb but from what I have read the hotel wouldn’t disappoint either.

Just as the sun was on its way down kissing the sails of the yachts lining the marina, we sat to have dinner there. With a live guitarist playing in the backdrop, the experience was a sheer bliss moment that you wouldn’t want to end.

I can see that the menu has changed from when we were there, I ordered the lobster – it was sublime.

It is one to stop by if you make it to the island of Solta.

Best restaurents in the world
Best restaurents in the world
Best restaurents in the world

I hope these five culinary gems have left your stomach rumbling, taste buds buzzing and your mouth watering!

There will be more coming to this series of best restaurants I found across the world, so keep your eyes peeled and your appetite raring to go!

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How to retire early and travel the world? 4 Beginner-Proof Steps

how to retire early and travel the world

Maybe like me, you thought your 9-5 is going to be it. Going to be the thing that will take your life to the next level, to achieve your dreams and desires, retire early and finally live life.

It turned out to be something that just pays for the bills.

Now you are sat wondering if there is more to life than being stuck in the rat race for the next 30-40 years.

When will you get to live your life, when will you get to travel the world?

I am with you.

I felt the same. The job is great, but I needed more. You can read more about my story here.

Hence started thinking, searching and finally found a way to create that financial independence.

Yes, I am still in employment but that is only a testament to how sound this method is, good money doesn’t get made overnight.

The steps that I will walk you through are not a get-rich-quick scheme, they are not come and be the next overnight success.

That stuff does not happen.

It’s 4 steps for you to build your solid financial independence to be able to retire early and travel the world.

Investing a good year or two of your time in building a solid foundation, allow it to blossom over that short period of time while you take it with you on your travels and it will always outdo working for 35 years, don’t you think?

how to retire early and travel the world

Okay now, let us get into it the 4 steps on how to retire early and travel the world…

You probably would have noticed I talked about making money from a business and making that money work for you because you are not going to be able to retire early solely working a job.

Jobs are designed to make you survive paycheque to paycheque (if that) instead of thriving and living your best life.

See how you can generate multiple streams of income regardless of your background and experience.

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