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Time flies by! I just I realised yesterday that it’s been a month since I joined the travel team and met this amazing lady Dr Ola Abbas. Creating an income of travel while you travel as well is the most amazing thing I have heard. Being financially independent and working hard to create your own life on your own terms and at your own pace.
NHS Doctor
I've had the honour and privilege of working with and gaining such life changing experiences when with Ola. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. She is always looking for ways to motivate me and make me a better version of myself from yesterday.
Business Owner
I think this is a fantastic opportunity that Ola has explained in such a simple and effective way. I am working full time and that means having a lot of commitments. However, this opportunity allows you to follow your dreams and passions of traveling and making some money on the side (we can all do with a second income and some extra cash!
NHS Doctor
Ola Abbas you are the most inspiring person i have ever been lucky enough to call my special friend, you have the ability to make others think they can achieve too.
Business Owner
I'm now an independent travel agent thanks to Ola and the opportunity presented to me. Travel has always been a passion of mine since childhood as this is connected with fond and beautiful memories of people, places, and cultures. I’ve got several professional accomplishments, but Travel is the greatest education in life for me.
NHS Professional
I have always admired Ola as a truly inspirational leader juggling her profession and travel business but since joining her community I have a whole new level of respect and admiration. One of Ola's main qualities are that she genuinely wants everyone to succeed.