Ola’s Story

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Have you ever wondered if there is more to life?

I did! I always had that nagging feeling that I wasn’t just born to work, pay my bills, and die. That I have this great potential in me, and I want to use it to serve others, use it to live a bigger, better, and larger-than-anything kind of life.

There I was, having finished my critical care and acute medicine specialist training at last and accepted my post as a consultant in the NHS. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, is that it? Is that going to be me for the rest of my life?

I have a great day job. Yet every day, a sense that there is something more out there echoed within me… I knew I had more to give. I needed to answer that unfulfilled potential. You probably felt this, like me, that your day job is great, but it is not something you would do for decades to come.

I always look for the next challenge to conquer, the next thing to grow my mindset, and my life, and make me of more service to people. If I was to write a book, which I will in a couple of years’ time, I’ll probably have a section just listing all the challenges I have put myself through and how I came out winning – albeit with a few bruises and scars. But that’s what makes victory taste even sweeter.

In 2003 I was living in Iraq, where I was born and raised. The war and its consequences made it near to impossible for me and my family to stay there. We had to leave and find safe refuge and that meant we had to live apart in different countries.


Ola did go on to author an international best selling book 2 years after writing her story for this page. She talks about the challenges she went through to get to where she is and gives the reader the road map to how to overcome challenges and how to unlock their highest potential.

Dream Big Do Bigger is now availble in store.


I lived for some years between Dubai and Lebanon before I finally settled in the UK. The road wasn’t paved with roses, it was one hoop of fire after another with a fair number of setbacks – but I kept powering through believing that the best is yet to come.

And guess what? It did come, and there is defiantly more to life than going to work, paying the bills, and then dying!

feeling excited on tp of a mountain
On top of Zugspitze Mountain - Germany

Flipping my passion into profit

Two years ago, feeling that life is too short and that I wanted to live on my own terms started to become more and more real. The feeling of unfulfilled potential grew bigger and I needed to answer it. It was time for me to put the brakes on what was going on in my life and career.

I started traveling to look for an answer and I found that TRAVEL IS THE ANSWER. I have always been passionate about travel and more so recently when I experienced burnout from my job. To me, it is an amazing path to wellbeing with experiences to rejuvenate your soul… I now travel more, travel smarter, and earn from travel, isn’t that fantastic?!

I got to the drawing board as soon as I got home from my travels. I made plans and I took action and started my own independent travel business.

What I get out of it is more than just travel

When I started my business venture, I was 36 years young, a full-time consultant in critical care fighting for my patients’ lives, and at times mine, during the Covid-19 pandemic. To say I had no time left to spare was an understatement.

I lived in the UK on my own, while my family lived abroad. My support network was limited to a few friends. I did not make that an excuse. I made it a reason to create time and freedom to be with my family. A reason to push me to grow and give back to others and be of service to more people.


My business gives me the joy of helping people travel more and find well-being in travel, showing them that feeling burnt out from a career doesn’t have to be the end of it. That being on your own doesn’t mean you can’t do it and that you can indeed have a life you love.


My travel business is built in a way that makes my life easy, not more complicated; it’s flexible, with no set office hours, and no set targets apart from what I set for myself. Being new to the business world I found the business community I’m surrounded with an amazing anchor to help me build and progress.


I took the leap of faith, and here I am building the life of my dreams. I’m able to work my business around my full-time job and from anywhere in the world. I’m proud to mentor my business partners on their entrepreneurial journey and help them reach their goals. I feel driven and inspired every day. More importantly, I am fulfilled

Can you build the life of your dreams?

Yes, you most certainly can!

If I immigrated from under gunshots, bombs, and terror attacks and ended up where I am now, then you can have anything.

I remember hiding under the stairwell while bombs were being flung over the city, thinking to myself, am I going to get to live for another day? And today I work a full-time job, travel, design bespoke solo travel, and help others develop their dreams into a reality. I’m certain you can do the same and more.

If you want to change your life, you have to work for it and what you work for you will get.

Where am I going?

I value freedom and living life in an authentic way. I believe travel is the best remedy for whatever life throws at you. It is just what the doctor prescribed for a happier healthier, more resilient life (wink).

My vision is to help people grow and fulfill their potential. We are divine beings with unlimited personal strength, and I am on a mission to empower and impact 10,000 professionals in the next two years to travel more, experience more, and add value to their lives.


If you would want to:

  • Grow as an individual
  • Start a business
  • Develop a new skillset
  • Connect with like-minded individuals

Or maybe you want to take things to the next level; and

  • Say goodbye to capped annual leave and income
  • Seek financial and time freedom

Or maybe you want to stay in your job and just look for that little thing on the side that refreshes your spark then let me share with you how I built my business.

I’d like to read more about this oppurtunity