About Ola

balance a business alongside a job

Meet Ola, a dual accredited Critical Care & Acute Medicine Consultant in the NHS and a Marketing Director in training building her own global travel network marketing business.


Ola is passionate about well-being through travel, she believes that we deserve more from a job than long hours, burnout, and lack of appreciation. 

She recently left her full-time job in the NHS to pursue her mission of helping 10,000 professionals get out of the rat race.


Her mission is to empower professionals to travel more, travel smart, and create wealth and well-being from travel. 


Ola works closely with her business partners in the travel industry mentoring them while they design a life they love and elevate their lifestyle. 

Check out Ola’s story to find out more about what she brings to the table and how she can help you grow and elevate.