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As a doctor, network marketing can be a viable side hustle for you to earn extra income.

You can sell products or services directly to consumers through a network of distributors.

While this offers potential for passive income, doctors should be cautious of network marketing companies that may not have ethical practices or make unrealistic income promises.

Is the grass really greener on the other side? 

Tune into this episode to learn the truth about consultants’ work and salaries in the NHS. 

The episode is full of myth-busters and harsh realities of what doctors endure in the system.

Well-being for doctors is one of the most undervalued human needs in today’s healthcare practice, serving as an oxymoron to the whole profession. 

The ones who are to heal the population struggle to find the resource for themselves to recuperate in a system that demands them to perform regardless of the consequences on their own health. 

Resigning my role in the NHS felt like I was erasing my existence. Read the full SkyNews report here.

How to come out of 3 wars winning?

I was born during a war, grew up during another one, left my country because of a third war, and relocated to yet another war zone. 

Check out my conversation with Marie Oldfiend from Kuinua Coaching.

When life gives you wars my friends, you just have to give it your best to survive

What does it mean to become a Travel Entrepreneur and how can you do it?


Catch me in conversation with Gifty Ofaso as we talk about the travel business model and how the travel that you do can create wealth for you. 

What does travel got to do with cooking?


Catch this enteraining episode with me being interviewed by Sidra Bhatti on Mind Maps while cooking a decedant dessert and talking about making money from travel.

Meet The Women Doctrpreneurs Online Summit’ hosted by Soulpreneur Life Dr. M Akram.

The doctors who dared to dream and venture away from the status quo to establish themselves as coaches, leaders, and business owners changing the world. 

It was such a pleasure to be a panelist at this summit talking all things business, from finding your ‘why’, business branding, juggling business, and a full-time job, how do you power through the setbacks, the vision for the future, and much more.

Mancunian Matters 

A Manchester medic, Dr. Ola Abbas, has set up an independent travel business in her spare time as a way to switch off from the stresses of working with seriously ill patients…

Read more here

Lancashire Post

An NHS consultant working at Royal Preston Hospital has written about her experiences.

Dr. Ola Abbas has penned a piece for her personal blog about the battle against coronavirus.

Also featured in Preston Blog and Granada ITV news