I've had the honour and privilege of working with and gaining such life changing experiences when with Ola. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. She is always looking for ways to motivate me and make me a better version of myself from yesterday. I was very inspired by her during the first time I met her. She has always been supportive, encouraging, and helpful to me in my journey as a new upcoming entrepreneur. She has given me the tools to work on my own business and how to grow it. I'm very extremely grateful to have met Ola. She is one of the most humbled, enthusiastic, and supportive individuals I have ever met. Her passion for business is infectious and she is a joy and pleasure to work with. I am grateful and appreciative to have such a great friend and mentor like Ola. I highly recommend her for coaching. She will help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true and push you to be greater thank you think"
Esther S
Business Owner
"I love every minute I spend with you. I must admit and you know I’ve had doubts about Machu Picchu. but after yesterday they have disappeared. get ready for tears at the Sun Gate. Ola Abbas you are the most inspiring person i have ever been lucky enough to call my special friend, you have the ability to make others think they can achieve too. It will all be down to you inspiring me. So, thank you. Never stop pushing because others follow in your footsteps. You are a born leader”
Karrina Oldale
Business Owner
"I had such a smooth and safe trip to Dubai all thanks to Ola, I really recommend her to anyone seeking good deals, advice and a more stress-free experience when booking their next holiday. Ola was really professional, informative and catered to all my individual needs. Be sure to check out her page. A full-time consultant in the NHS with a passion for empowering people through travel"
Seerut Zaidi
'Thanks to you (& Allah for that random GranT meeting after the meet up & Yousef for getting us to the meet up because I certainly wouldn't have) AI am loving life, I feel like after *10 years* of feeling so lost, I'm finally getting my mojo back. 1 have met 4 of my dearest friends in coffee shops @ I was saying to Yousef this morning that this building side is allowing me to put my career skills to use - I did sales, marketing, advertising, market research & project management. *and* it allows me to do the fun stuff I've always wanted to do photography, working with colours and images *and* travel *Plus* it's helping me to rebuild my confidence & develop a thicker skin and so much more”
Sheen Shares
Business Owner
"Joining this business is one of the best decisions I've made. It has inspired me to learn to face life as it comes and courageously face any fears of failure because there's a lot to learn in/from failure. Not going in to fail but not changing the happenstance of life. When NO becomes an answer, you learn and understand who your audience is but not asking at all means a resounding constant NO just like not trying means not achieving. I have helped like-minded people enjoy the benefits that I am already enjoying and there is no going back”
I have been working with Ola for a few years now and The Wealthy Travel Community closely for about 7 months and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have always admired Ola as a truly inspirational leader juggling her profession and travel business but since joining her community I have a whole new level of respect and admiration. One of Ola's main qualities are that she genuinely wants everyone to succeed. She loves nothing more than to help anyone with anything whether it be in business or even on a personal level. This echoed throughout The Wealthy Travel Community, not only this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone to build a business in travel but to do it with an incredible leader and surrounded by the most supportive team is just invaluable.
Beverly Tokai
Executive Creative Virtual Assistant
"So far within just 4 weeks, I have booked a family holiday for 4 to Spain and I believe the future is bright in this opportunity. I am a pharmacist by profession, and I joined The Wealthy Travel Community to give me the opportunity to travel around the world. As an entrepreneur. myself I have run my own pharmacy now for over 6yrs and it is my belief that every business grows. Now only 9 weeks into the business am booking a holiday for a group of 17!! It's amazing and I'm so glad I came across the opportunity”
Owodeyi Wahdeedat
"Time flies by! I just I realised yesterday that it’s been a month since I joined the travel team and met this amazing lady Dr Ola Abbas. Creating an income of travel while you travel as well is the most amazing thing I have heard. Being financially independent and working hard to create your own life on your own terms and at your own pace. It's been an amazing month. I have learned so much about another part of life I had no idea about. The whole team was always there to guide me through the new business, which for me was realising a childhood dream, Travel the world I met many amazing women, supportive of each other and willing for change. The exact thing I was looking for, CHANGE! A chance to enjoy one of the best blessings of our time, communication, and the ability to reach millions from your own home. I think one of the reasons that made me join the team is that Ola shared a lot of her values and background that resonated deeply with mine and she loved to travel too. I am still exploring this new land, but I am sure I have a great team to support me in this venture”
Rehab Ahmed
NHS Doctor
"I think this is a fantastic opportunity that Ola has explained in such a simple and effective way. I am working full time and that means having a lot of commitments. However, this opportunity allows you to follow your dreams and passions of traveling and making some money on the side (we can all do with a second income and some extra cash! I am keen to start looking into this very soon and would highly recommend anyone who has even thought about the possibility of seeing themselves being part of this fantastic team to give Ola a shout and she will most certainly help you and guide you through the process. It actually is as easy as Ola has explained; 1-2-3, and you're up and running. Having Ola as a mentor has really impacted the journey of becoming an independent travel agent and the perks are incredible. The best thing about this is, you are your own boss. You work WHEN YOU want, WHERE YOU want and HOW YOU want. Would recommend 10/10!"
Mubariz A
NHS Doctor
"I'm now an independent travel agent thanks to Ola and the opportunity presented to me. Travel has always been a passion of mine since childhood as this is connected with fond and beautiful memories of people, places, and cultures. I’ve got several professional accomplishments, but Travel is the greatest education in life for me. The ability to turn this burning passion and desire into a business has actually brought about the balance I need currently in my life. This has further fuelled this passion and it is rubbing off on my family and friends. The community is warm and amazing and I’m never alone, lost. or isolated. Be bold. be brave and join us in this journey of knowledge and light”
Stella K
Healthcare Professional
"I have had Ola plan a couple of holiday trips for me now and they were all absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend her services, and this will be my to-go-to place when I think about a new trip”
IT Team Leader