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I'm now an independent travel agent thanks to Ola and the opportunity presented to me. Travel has always been a passion of mine since childhood as this is connected with fond and beautiful memories of people, places, and cultures. I've got several professional accomplishments but Travel is the greatest education in life for me. The ability to turn this burning passion and desire into a business has actually brought about the balance I need currently in my life.
This has further fuelled this passion and it is rubbing off on my family and friends. The community is warm and amazing and I'm never alone, lost, or isolated.

Be bold....be brave....and join us in this journey of knowledge and light...
NHS Professional
Just want to thank Ola for showing me this fantastic opportunity. It feels great to help people book their perfect dream holidays.
I feel in control of my bookings and I am able to give friends and family a sense of security when booking through me. So humbled to be a part of a community that is so passionate about travel.

Thank you, Ola. And thank you for always being there even when I have silly questions 🙂
Sadif Rafiq
NHS Doctor
I think this is a fantastic opportunity that Ola has explained in such a simple and effective way. I am working full time and that means having a lot of commitments. However, this opportunity allows you to follow your dreams and passions of traveling and making some money on the side (we can all do with a second income and some extra cash!). I am keen to start looking into this very soon and would highly recommend anyone who has even thought about the possibility of seeing themselves being part of this fantastic team, to give Ola a shout and she will most certainly help you and guide you through the process.
It actually is as easy as Ola has explained; 1-2-3, and you’re up and running. Having Ola as a mentor has really impacted the journey of becoming an independent travel agent and the perks are incredible.
The best thing about this is, you are your own boss. You work WHEN YOU want, WHERE YOU want and HOW YOU want.

Would recommend 10/10!
NHS Doctor
I absolutely agree with the above statements. I have had Ola plan a couple of holiday trips for me and they were all fantastic.
Highly recommend her services and this will be my to-go-to place when I think about a new trip.
I had such a smooth and safe trip to Dubai all thanks to Ola. I really recommend her for anyone seeking good deals, advice and a more stress-free experience when booking their next holiday. Ola was really professional, informative, and catered to all my individual needs! Be sure to check out her page - a full-time consultant in the NHS with a passion for empowering people through travel.
Seerut Zaidi