Discovery call confirmed

Thank you for booking your discovery call!

I’m excited to talk to you about how you can travel more for less and make an income from travel bookings so you can fulfill your lifestyle goals. 

You will receive a text reminder and a reconfirmation request as well just so I know if you are still able to make it to the call…

If you need to cancel or reschedule please do so asap due to the demand on calls I can only allow one rescheduling to occur.  

Please ahead of our call I ask you to watch this short clip that would walk you through the system so when we talk on the call we can focus on answering your questions and seeing how this could be a fit for you. 

P.S if you are watching from the USA, don’t worry if you don’t see suppliers you are familiar with – your engine will be USA-oriented and full of suppliers with who you can do business and bookings through.