Travel Agent

Become a home-based online Travel Agent

7 reasons why you should become a travel agent

Travel as much as you wish, in style.

We help you start and scale an online travel business so that you can earn on any travel you book.

You can book flights, airport lounges, airport parking, holiday packages, cruises, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, tours, car rentals, spa days, theme park attractions, family days out and so much more.

Earn a commission back from every booking that you make.

Instead of paying to travel, have you thought about how you can make travel pay you?


By becoming an online Travel Agent you will:

  • Have a home-based business that you can work on demand,

  • Earn commission from booking your own travel and travel for others,

  • Access to insider travel deals and discounts

Plus much more!

What do you get from being a Travel Agent?

Who is this for?

About you

Ambitious and coachable professional who is looking to elevate their wealth & well-being.

What you do

You can be in full-time, or part-time employment, self-employed or not employed at all.

Where you are

You are based in the UK, Ireland, USA, Mexico or the Caribbean islands.

What you want

You are willing to invest in yourself and work with me hand and hand to achieve your goals.

Who is this NOT for?

About you

Closed-minded, uncoachable, stuck in your own ways, and not willing to grow and develop.

What you do

You insist on paying full price for the travel you do and don't want to create extra streams of income.

Where you are

You are based in a country we are not live in yet.

What you want

You are not willing to invest in yourself and are not open to expanding your mindset and your vision.

You can become a Travel Agent on a full-time, part-time, or sometimes, at any-time basis.

Start your journey as a Travel Agent for under £150


I have mentored and coached over 100 professionals to build their travel businesses and franchises. I work with you hand in hand to get you the results you want.


I hold a mighty vision to empower 10,000 professionals to build their wealth and well-being through travel.

resources for personal development

Professional Accumen

I am a dually accredited consultant in the NHS, and a business consultant and author with many years of experience mentoring and leading teams.


Commitment to you and your results, integrity, inclusivity, diversity, and excellence in everything I do, with high drive and ambition. Work with me & I won't let you fail.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the Travel Smart Guide by clicking here.

After reading the guide is you still would like more information please send us an email to 

Express your interest on the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Getting started involves completing the enrollment page which will take 10-15 minutes, we can support you through that and get you started the right way.

You can start adn run this business for £1.5 a day. That’s less than a coffee from your local barista shop. 

Every business requires an investment, that’s a given. What’s also a given is returns of investment are the key thing to think about. 

Through this business opportunity you can be in profit within the first 2-4 weeks, if not then you can have your money back under the 30-day money back guarentee.

This business opportunity is the ultimate flexible model.

You can work in your own time, whenever you can. 

There are no targets and no quotas to reach. 

You do you!

We support you with world class business training delivered on 1:1 basis, group sessions online, and in person. 

You will have a training vault and library at your finger tips to absorb all the business skills and knowelgde you need to grow your business effectively. 

We get it! 

We show you how you can network on purpose and in a cool organic way that’s cringe-free and not off putting.

You will develop a network of people who want to work with you.


P.S. if you wish to use the business model for your own personal use then that’s possible to! Let’s talk.

Having tested and tried this business myself, and my many business partners, we are happy to report the worst case scenario is that you book a holiday and have fun!

That’s it. 

The business model is designed to be low risk, you can review the business assurances here

There is no binding contract, you can stop at any time. 

There is no minmium or maximum time frame you need to adhere to. 

Expression of Interest - Travel Agent
Thank you for expressing an interest to work with me as an Online Travel Agent