A weekend away at the Yorkshire Dales National Park

a weekend away at the Yorkshire Dales

It has been one long year of lockdown. 

Yes, we had some intermittent breaks but now finally the light is at the end of the tunnel.

We can see hope on the horizon. Travel is back baby!

I kicked off this year’s travels with a lovely staycation at the Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK.

It was a lovely much-needed break.

I always talk about travel as your prescription to well-being, there I was taking a dose of my own medicine 🙂 

It was a delight, the fresh air, the sunshine, the scenery and of course the food.

Check out the sections below to see where to stay, what to do and food options at the Yorkshire Dales.

Accommodation at the Yorkshire Dales

At the time of writing, self-catering accommodation was the only option due to national restrictions, which was fine as the area caters for so much of that. 

Your accommodation options at the Yorkshire Dales include;

  • Cottages and lodges
  • Caravan parks
  • Guesthouses and BnBs (when they open after the 17th of May)

The best locations to aim for in the Yorkshire Dales are;

  • Hawes 
  • Skipton
  • Ripon
  • Middleham
  • Bronte

Activities at the Yorkshire Dales

Walk, hike, cycle!

It’s all about the great outdoors. You’ll find something to match your fitness level as there is something for everyone out there.

I spent my weekend away in the Dales visiting the Hardrowforce waterfall, the highest single-drop waterfall in the UK, explored the market town of Hawes, and hiked to Semerwater lake. 

Check out this for the top 10 things you can do in the Yorkshire Dales. 

Food at the Yorkshire Dales

When staying at Hawes, visiting the Wensleydale creamery is a must!

They offer both indoor and outdoor dining. You can book yourself on a cheese experience where you can go on a journey exploring the art of cheese-making. You will need to book ahead of time – check out the schedule here

Most of my meals were at the creamery, I have a love affair with cheese and the quality of the food was top notch.

There are also several local restaurants and pubs that serve many food delights, light bites, meals, and afternoon tea. 

The local chippe at the Hawes market town is a splendid place to experience the good old fish and chips. Head there ahead of your stomach starting to rumble as there will be queues! 

You will also find local shops and a small supermarket to buy supplies should you wish to cook or BBQ a meal yourself.

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How to plan 7 days in Dubai?

A jewel of the Middle East. A marriage of tradition and urban. A go-to destination for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, beautiful beaches, and a lively nightlife scene as well as for adventure, culture, and throwback to the golden old days.

I’ll walk you through some ideas on how to get the most out of your trip to Dubai and also how to plan 7 days in Dubai (full itinerary provided).

Where to stay in Dubai ?

Historic and culture-rich areas:

  • Al Fahaidi
  • Al Seef
  • Deira Dubai
  • Bur Dubai
  • Meena Bazaar
  • Gold Souk

Luxury and ultramodern areas: 

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Sheik Zayed Road
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Dubai Marina
  • Dubai Festival City
  • The Palm Dubai

What to see and do in Dubai?

There are plenty of beautiful places to see in Dubai and in the surrounding Emirates. Here are a few of our top picks. You can see photos of these locations below.

7 days in Dubai suggested itinerary

We’d love to help you design your bespoke trip to Dubai

Places to eat in Dubai


Free WiFi available around the city, register details online to gain access


Dirham (AED) Check conversion rates here


Depends on the country of origin.  None required for UK nationals

How to budget

Dubai is set to become the number one destination in the world for luxury tourism. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy Dubai on a budget. There are plenty of accommodation options, alternative transport modes, free activities to do and plenty of restaurants that won’t break the bank. 

Cultural Expectations in the UAE

When visiting any country, it is crucial to be well-aware of local customs. This will help avoid any cultural faux pas and help you enjoy your trip and interact with locals, without offending anyone.  

Religious insights:

  • Ramadan is the holy month in the Islamic calendar and is extremely important.  Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset during the holy month. When visiting the UAE during Ramadan it’s crucial to know not to eat, drink, smoke, or even chew gum in public. Aside from it being highly offensive to those who are fasting, it is also not allowed by law in the country.
  • Under no circumstances should one take pictures of Emirati women. Additionally, it’s considered extremely offensive to stare at women in national dress. Although tourists may do so innocently and out of curiosity, this shouldn’t be done at all. Any sort of unwelcome physical contact is seen as a form of disrespect and even flirting with Emirati women is frowned upon.

Public behaviors:

There are a few public behaviors that are extremely frowned up – and sometimes even illegal in the UAE. Being drunk and disorderly is a big no-no and people can even be taken in by the police for doing so. Additionally, public displays of affection are deemed to be rather disrespectful to Emirati culture. Another thing to be mindful of as tourists are what to take pictures of. It’s illegal to take photos of women, in addition to military and government facilities.


Best time to visit

Winter months, from November to April. January and February see heavy tourist traffic due to shopping festivals.

Navigate offline

Download the RTA Smart Drive app and navigate your route while offline


You can catch an Uber, Dubai taxi offers a great service as well, or you can use the metro, it stops at most tourist destinations.

Did you sort out travel insurance for your trip?

Couples get a 25% discount and kids get to go FREE!

Free COVID cover included

for: 1: Cancellation; 2: Curtailment; 3: Emergency Medical & Repatriation;

click here to get your quote

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