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Creating your freedom through travel

Celebrating Stella!

Stella is a wife, a mum of one adorable little boy, an accomplished NHS worker, and owner of a private business and clinic. 

Although she seemed to have it all, she felt that something was a miss. 

She adores travel

She adores experiences 

She adores freedom 

And most importantly she values creating a life worth living for her family and securing their financial future.

I mean can you blame the girl?

Stella started her home-based travel agency and her travel marketing business in mid 2020 and within a few months 

Not only did she manage to save on her own travels 

Not only did she manage to earn an income back from her own travels 

Not only she created residual income that comes in on a monthly basis whether she does the work or not

Not only did she empower young women to create their income and freedom through travel

She actually created her own version of freedom by quitting her job and working her businesses being location independent, on her own terms and to the timetable of her liking.  

Travel Earn and Live life Like never before

She did it in little pockets of time around her busy life

She did it because like anyone of us she travels and people around her travel

She did it with a small social media following because word of mouth is powerful

She did it because in her own words “it’s a no-brainer, we all do it any way we might as well get paid for it”


Join me in raising a glass celebrating Stella and her newfound freedom through travel.

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