How to Solo Travel & Enjoy it

solo travel

I get you! 

You want to spread your wings and fly but don’t know where to start or how?

Maybe there is a question on your mind; would it be worth it or can I do it?

The answer to those latter two questions is YES and YES

I say that vehemently because I was there. I so wanted to solo travel, feel the experiences in my bones but that little confidence assassin of mine was playing in the background. 

You know what. 

I decided to assassin the assassin and head out there! I was grateful all throughout and up till this day that I did. 


I went live a few weeks ago and shared my tips on how to solo travel and enjoy it, it had loads of positive feedback. 

Because people found it very useful I wanted to share it with more of you and make it a fixed feature on the blog here, so you can always come back to it. 


I for one think it’s insane that it’s 2021 and people would still raise their eyebrow at the notion of solo traveling.

It’s not because we don’t have someone to travel with.

It’s not because we are unsociable.

It’s not because we want to save money.

“It’s because the experience of  solo travel, being in your own company discovering the world is unparalleled”

Take home points:

Discover the local environmentI use an app that I mention in the video which is quite useful especially for day tours and dining experiences.

Invest in yourself; self-development goes along way in building your resilience and broadening your mindset. Give it a go next time you are away.

I’ll be sharing my favorite list of books and podcasts that I use very soon.

Stay safe; yes you are out there on your own, looking after yourself, being macho and all. However, there is no harm in having someone keep an eye on you. I mention a tracker app in the guide which I love using. 

Bag BnB; for the days where you need to leave your bag somewhere rather than drag it all across town.

Connect with solo travel communities; this is my favorite solo travel community.


Benefits of solo travel

1- Complete Freedom… Do whatever you want, when you want to.

2- Added confidence

3- Improved problem solving and decision making.

4- Meeting new people.

5- Living in the moment.

Need helping planning and booking? 

Get in touch and we’ll sort it out for you

I had such a smooth and safe trip to Dubai all thanks to Ola. I really recommend her for anyone seeking good deals, advice and a more stress-free experience when booking their next holiday. Ola was really professional, informative, and catered to all my individual needs! Be sure to check out here page - a full-time consultant in the NHS with a passion for empowering people through travel!
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