How to retire early and travel the world? 4 Beginner-Proof Steps

how to retire early and travel the world

Maybe like me, you thought your 9-5 is going to be it. Going to be the thing that will take your life to the next level, to achieve your dreams and desires, retire early and finally live life.

It turned out to be something that just pays for the bills.

Now you are sat wondering if there is more to life than being stuck in the rat race for the next 30-40 years.

When will you get to live your life, when will you get to travel the world?

I am with you.

I felt the same. The job is great, but I needed more. You can read more about my story here.

Hence started thinking, searching and finally found a way to create that financial independence.

Yes, I am still in employment but that is only a testament to how sound this method is, good money doesn’t get made overnight.

The steps that I will walk you through are not a get-rich-quick scheme, they are not come and be the next overnight success.

That stuff does not happen.

It’s 4 steps for you to build your solid financial independence to be able to retire early and travel the world.

Investing a good year or two of your time in building a solid foundation, allow it to blossom over that short period of time while you take it with you on your travels and it will always outdo working for 35 years, don’t you think?

how to retire early and travel the world

Okay now, let us get into it the 4 steps on how to retire early and travel the world…

You probably would have noticed I talked about making money from a business and making that money work for you because you are not going to be able to retire early solely working a job.

Jobs are designed to make you survive paycheque to paycheque (if that) instead of thriving and living your best life.

See how you can generate multiple streams of income regardless of your background and experience.

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How to work from anywhere in the world? The glory and behind the scences

working from anywhere in the world

Working from anywhere in the world sounds lucrative, doesn’t it?

Taking strolls on a sunny beach in between your meetings.

Swinging in a hammock while replying to emails.

No need to fake a background on your e-meeting because you already have a real rainforest behind you.

Drinking cocktails by the infinity pool at the end of your day.

Working online and traveling the world sounds a delight. We see it more and more, once a digital life seemed too far away but now working from anywhere in the world is becoming the norm as we embrace the laptop lifestyle and the delights it brings.

But how do you do it? I’ll share with you tips to get started.

And what are the drawbacks? And how to get around them.

working from anywhere

20 years ago people would laugh at the notion of remote working, they couldn’t imagine it possible, many things in our workplaces required our immediate presence. Technology wasn’t developed that much either.

Fast forward to a decade ago and the term location independent starts to surface.

A global pandemic sweeps the world and very few places retain having to go to work to do the work and the majority of people knowingly or unknowingly, employed or self-employed have become in a way or another the so-called ‘Digital Nomads’.

Some decided to embrace it and work flexibly from anywhere in the world, while others still find comfort in being a stay-at-home work from anywhere person.

For the desk- bored, adventurous, and unfulfilled person it all sounds like heaven.

Making an income while traveling the world … sheer bliss, right?

But how do you go about it?

And what do you need to be aware of?

Going about it starts with an internet connection.

Hence the term #wifiwages was born!

All you need is to be connected through the world wide web while being anywhere in the world.

Your clients, customers, community, or even employer can be miles and miles away from you and you can still make it work and earn those wages.

Most I would say have their own business, traveling the world and having the amazing experiences it has to offer is always nicer when you can dictate your own working hours and working days.

Online entrepreneurship, investment, coaching, blogging, being a marketing specialist are some of the options to look at to truly live the digital nomad lifestyle.

Although they all share the freedom lifestyle, they are not all the same.

working from anywhere

Some choose to travel to 3-4 locations a month, others choose to stay longer at their destinations, some like to stay home and enjoy flexible working around their families and travel a few times a year (more frequently and more freely than they would at a job).

You need to examine the options, pick or better yet design the freedom lifestyle that suits you.

We can’t deny work from anywhere in the world is becoming the norm…

A recent Gallup survey of 15,000 adults found that 

What happens behind the scenes when you are working from anywhere in the world?

Yes, it all sounds lucrative and glamours and the Instagram Reels do add to the hype of it all.

But what people fail to recognize is it is still work. The word ‘work’ is still part of the phrase ‘work from anywhere in the world.

I believe that is one of the biggest misconceptions around the freedom lifestyle online entrepreneurs have and that’s one of the biggest reasons that lead to the failure of so many.

Having an online business whatever that might be, is still a business that you need to treat as such. You simply are getting the added bonus of waking up in Bali, sitting at the poolside sipping a smoothie while you are doing your income activities. Jumping in the pool for a quick refresh when things get a tad tedious.

So yes, there is work involved!

There are a lot of people living this lifestyle very comfortably, earning more than they ever did in their careers at home. Leverage your business correctly and working online can be a highly lucrative career. Money won’t fall into your lap but if you work for it, you will earn it!

Another misconception is digital nomads are all budget travelers, hostel stayers living on a shoestring.

While it is easy to imagine that given how the media always seems to portray the extremes, the very rich and the ones that are just getting by.

That is not the truth!

As I mentioned above, leverage your business correctly, develop or adopt a proven system to work and create an income, you can even start developing a business while you are still in employment, so you give yourself time for it to take off. Then you can live the lucrative freedom lifestyle.

working from anywhere in the world
working from anywhere in the world

It’s only for people with no ties.

Have you heard that one before?

Sure, it is easier if you don’t have a mortgage, a very young family, or caring responsibilities but that’s not to say it can’t be done.

You have to examine your options more and choose what would suit you. Sell the house, rent it out, use it as a base for your Wi-Fi work most of the year, and travel when you can.

Travel at a slower pace when you have a young family or hire the help needed back home so you can be freed up.

The bottom line is that it can be done, and waiting for the perfect time, that very perfect moment to come to embark on it means you’re never going to make it happen.

Embrace it, life is too short to be lived in one place.

The huge pluses for work from anywhere:

You get to see the world in your own time, when you want to, how you want to.

Your money can go further depending on which countries you choose to travel too.

Community of like-minded individuals.

The flexibility and freedom you experience is amazing, you never miss an occasion.

The not so glamourous parts of working from anywhere to consider:

What do you do with tax and insurance; hence my suggestion of picking a base country and keeping it as a country of residence and experience travelling for 1-3 months at a time.

People back home won’t always understand your new lifestyle

It can get lonely; that’s why I strongly encourage when you are starting out is to be part of a like-minded community, so you always have a support system in place.

There could be some logistics to consider like mortagge and family but it’s not to say it can’t be done.

Intrigued and want to see how to get started with your work from anywhere lifestyle?

Here are some easier ways to experience work from anywhere.

  • Take up a low-cost start-up; dabble with it and see if it is something for you.
  • Take your own current employment on the road. The pandemic has turned most of us into wifi workers anyway so might as well enjoy the travels.
  • Take a career break and test drive the lifestyle, see if it is something for you.

Feeling curious and wanting to see how it works for me

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4 secrets to designing a life you love

4 secrets to design a life you love

Many of us go through life doing what we need to do to survive but not look at what we can do to thrive.

If you are someone who thinks I just want to survive. I don’t mind living unfulfilled. I don’t mind being unhappy then this blog is not for you, I’ll tell you that now and save your time.

How to design a life that you love?

That has been a passion of mine over the last few years and I only honed into how to do it over the last two years.

  • You don’t have control over your timetable. The work-related activities that you do. I know many medical (and other) professionals who suffer from that.
  • You are tired of being underrecognized, overworked, and underappreciated.
  • You don’t have enough time to spend with your family.
  • You want to contribute to the community that you live in but struggle to find the time.
  • You don’t have time to practice your hobbies and now you have forgotten what they were in the first place.
  • You don’t have enough leave balance to go on the holidays that you want.
  • You don’t have enough money to pay for the holidays that you want. 
  • You don’t know how to work out your life schedule to give you the balance that you desire. 

If any of those resonated with you then keep reading.

balance a business alongside a job

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I bet you’ve heard that one before, right?

The change comes from within you.

It starts with the desire and always needs to be followed by action.

The action doesn’t need to be a major overhaul of your life all in one go. 

It is breaking down what you want to achieve into small chunks and work on them one day at a time. 

Here’s a framework that I have used when I felt some or most of the pains above and how I made those little action steps that have given me a life that I’m excited to wake up to.

1- What do I like about my current state; work, relationships, health, hobbies?

2- What do I not like about them?

3- Can I fix the things that I don’t like and how?

4- What does my ideal life look like? what will I be doing, what will be eating, how will I dress… Really get into the detail of envisioning it. 

Write those down. 

My mentor says “trust a short pen over a long memory”.

Take time to really reflect and think about them.

then write down the steps you need to take to:

  • Fix what you don’t like.
  • What does that look like for you? part-time work, a new venture, a new dating app, a different workout. 
  • Try one thing at a time.

Nourish what you do like and design a life that you love.

You want to know how?

Did you write down the life you want to live?

Find someone living it and emulate what they do.

You will get the life that you want as a consequence.

You will get the time that you need for your family and community.

You’ll have hobbies and the holidays.

You’ll have the schedule and lifestyle you are after. 

More tips to help you design a life you love

Five secrets to success
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How to make multiple streams of income
How to Generate Multiple Streams of Income?

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Disclaimer: I am not a life coach, nor a counselor. I am a self-made professional and entrepreneur whose life has tested several times yet life failed to make me resign to surviving. I decided to thrive. Check out my story here.