Why booking with a travel agent is key in post COVID travel?

Yes, you know how to book a holiday.

You have been doing it for a while.

It is the digital age, no doubt about.

We can get a booking sorted in a matter of minutes from an app on our phone or a website we always go to.


Do you know the difference between booking through a faceless website and booking through a travel agent?

Do you really know?

Booking Travel

Here is what the faceless websites can give you:

  • You get the convenience of a quick booking.
  • You will get the perceived time-saving.
  • You will indulge yourself in the less hassle of talking to someone about your holiday.

And maybe save a few bucks.

What you really need to know and understand about booking post-COVID travel is:

  • Many booking websites have lost their licenses and protections.
  • That convenience you had when making the booking is gone (poof) just like that when you want to make an amendment or worse even when you want to cancel.
  • You might as well kiss your money goodbye. Been there done that, decided not to fall for it again [read more about that here].
  • It has been almost a year since the pandemic. Customers who have booked through websites are still waiting to hear back if they will get a refund or not!
  • Saving a few bucks might sound sexy on the surface, however, is it sexy when you turn up to your holiday resort and find the room that you booked was not even close to the one you were promised. You go to reception and they say this is what you paid for!
  • You spend the rest of the holiday trying to avoid eye contact with your partner, knowing those few bucks you saved did not earn you any score at all!

A travel agent will always have your back come rain or shine.

  • They will take the hassle while you take the holiday.
  • You have someone to speak to if something goes wrong instead of waiting for hours on the phone only to get an automated message with no hope of seeing your money back.
  • A real human being at the end of a phone line genuinely listening to your concerns and sorting it out for you while you sip a latte and check your social media.
  • Travel agents operate with licenses and protections put in place.
  • Travel agents have long-standing relationships in the industry and will go out of their way to help you have the best quality trip you can ever imagine.
  • Travel agents know their thing! You can’t beat expertise when you want to have a great experience.

Let us face it, no one goes on holiday saying oh let’s have a so and so time. They go out saying let’s have a great time and that’s what an agent can design for you.

Now was the quick, cheap, convenient offer you found pop up on your screen worth it?

P.S travel agents do not only book accommodation and flights.

They can book activities, day experiences, car rental, airport facilities, travel insurance, and much more.

I had such a smooth and safe trip to Dubai all thanks to Ola. I really recommend her for anyone seeking good deals, advice and a more stress-free experience when booking their next holiday. Ola was really professional, informative, and catered to all my individual needs! Be sure to check out her page - a full-time consultant in the NHS with a passion for empowering people through travel.

Just a few examples of what an agent can find Vs what traditional booking websites can give you 

Book travel with an agent
Book travel with an agent
Book travel with an agent
Book travel with an agent

Itching to book some great deals, while keeping your mind at peace?

Contact me or check out these agents’ profiles to book your next holiday:

Rahila Razak

RK Tours & Travels

Designing bespoke travel made especially for you.

Email. Book on the website

Esther I Swanston
Independent Travel Agent

Email. WhatsApp

Book on the website. 


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