7 reasons why you should become your own travel agent

7 reasons why you should become a travel agent

If there is something that we could agree on is that you and the people around you will continue to travel.

Whether that is locally, nationally, or internationally. Even with the aftermath of covid, in terms of testing and paperwork people still travel.

We all have gadgets, apps, and tools in our life to make it more streamlined, easy, and even more profitable. So why don’t we do the same when it comes to travel?

I’m here to show you 7 reasons why you should become your own travel agent, working it at your convenience, when you like to, from wherever you like to.

Reason 1: You don’t need to have experience in the travel industry

If you are passionate about travel, or simply like to travel once or twice a year, are the go-to person in your family to book travel then you should make it official!

Become a travel agent!

Over 10,000 people in the last two years have become travel agents in the UK and USA, I have helped a number of them get set up with their personal booking engines, and trained them to get the knowledge and experience they need.

The majority of them have no prior travel experience, from doctors, nurses, social workers, housewives, online marketers, realtors, fashion designers, and teachers.

I’ve seen a huge variety of people from different backgrounds and different lifestyles who all simply decided that the best way to travel is being a travel agent, to travel more for less, and to make an income back from it.

The system is set up for you, the training is provided plus a nurturing high standards community that will support you to learn and earn.

Here are some of their stories:

2- You can make it work around your lifestyle

You can do this even if you work full-time, with crazy hours and crazy busy commitments, simply because it is something that you already do and it’s flexible.

There are no targets, no boss, no set office hours, and no commute!

So if you are:

  • Full- time
  • Part-time
  • Busy family commitments
  • Lost your job
  • In between jobs
  • Looking for a new career direction and want to test the waters

Being a travel agent from home is for you!

You already spend the time looking for travel inspiration and making bookings, it’s time to monetize your effort. 

Being a travel agent can also create the lifestyle you always craved whatever that might be, more time freedom, more time with the family, more time to find your life’s purpose.

7 reasons why you should become your own travel agent

3- You can travel far more than your usual, for far less than what you usually pay

With being your boss and being able to work from your laptop anywhere in the world where you would have a wifi connection then you are free to go anywhere in the world at any time you wish.

No more waiting for annual leave to be approved, or waiting for the following year because you ran out of annual leave days. You can just go and earn an income on the go!

You will be able to make use of what the industry has to offer for travel agents. FAM trips are a huge asset of the travel industry, they are trips arranged by travel suppliers and companies so that you can learn what they offer and how to market it, you being a travel agent on those FAM trips means you get to travel at a generously discounted price.

So you will be traveling for less,  earning, travelling more and working on your terms – what’s not to like about that?

7 reasons why you should become your own travel agent

4- The only office equipment that you will need is a smartphone and a wifi connection.

I always say your phone is not smart if it doesn’t make you money!

You might choose to add in a laptop for convenience of use and also a beach towel because when you work from anywhere in the world, why not work from the beach.

All the training, mentoring, and coaching are provided as part and parcel of you becoming a travel agent, as well as all the licenses and protections.

Everything is covered for you, just bring your can-do attitude and your phone and you’ll be good to go.

p.s do check your passport is still valid because you are going to need that too 😉

5- You can be in control of what you earn.

Your income will no longer be capped like in a job!

Travel is a commission-based business. Everything in the world of travel has a commission attached to it.

Any transfer/taxi booking, airport parking and lounges, flights, accommodation of any type, Cruises, guided tours, and activities all have commission built in them.

When you book anything in the world of travel you get a commission back in your pocket and there is no minimum amount to book and definitely no maximum.

You can secure your financial goals, get what you deserve and finally start winning in this game called life. 

7 reasons why you should become a travel agent

6- You will help people make amazing memories

Whether that’s for you and your family or it is for the people around you and your clients.

You will be talking to people about one of the happiest topics in the world, TRAVEL!

You’ll be spending your days looking at dream holiday destinations and learning more about where to go and how to get the best out of it, beautiful beaches, lovely restaurants, best excursions, etc.

You will give yourself and the people you book for amazing memories to cherish for a lifetime.

You would be in a position to provide service for others that would enhance their lives, their relationships, and their communities. 

7- You will be part of a huge travel community

You will be connected with like-minded people who have the same passions as you, a community of people who collaborate and help each other grow and discover more of the world.

Whether that is the fellow travel agents that you will get to meet or your clients that you help enrich their lives with more travels.

As humans we crave belonging to a group of people who inspire us, celebrate us and build our confidence.

It’s not all work work work for us in the travel industry – we certainly know how to relax and have fun.

We celebrate each other’s milestones, support, and build each other up. 

We also make the best travel buddies!

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