balance a business alongside a fulltime job

How to balance a business alongside a job?

Hey legend, 

If you are on here then you are probably like me, someone, who has started a business along with a full-time job. Or maybe you are looking into doing that and wondering how to go about it. 

Even if you are in a part-time job then venturing into the business world alongside it can seem daunting. 

So read on, I’m sure these tips on how to balance a business alongside a job would be of value for you. 

balance a business alongside a job

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I wish I knew half of this when I was starting off in my online business

p.s even if you’re not in employment but you are someone who has a busy family life then you can also make use of these tips.

Get organized

Know exactly what you need to deliver on a day-to-day basis.

Block out time for your job, your life commitments and allocate time for your business. 

It might be initially small pockets of time here and there, evenings, or a morning block on the weekend but if you don’t allocate it, it won’t happen. 

Get yourself a Google calendar or a paper diary that you like to use and use it religiously. 

Start small, plan the week. After a while start planning your whole month. 

With time you’ll get used to planning your yearly quarters. 

It is invaluable!

balance a business alongside a job


You can have it all, but you don’t have to do it all!

Find a cleaner to help you around the house, even if it is once or twice a month.

Maybe the grandparents can take the kids for a few hours while you work your business. 

Can you outsource your designs and admin work? Do you know someone who can help?

It can weigh you down thinking about all the things you need to do for your job and business. 

Set priorities and objectives for what you want to achieve and breakdown into actions, see what you must do yourself and what things you can outsource to others. 

Set a freedom figure

What would it take for you to leave your job or drop it to part-time? 

I’m assuming that is why you started a business in the first place. 

This wouldn’t be relevant if you always would want to do both. 

But if you don’t, then decide at the outset how much would you need to generate in your business on a monthly basis so you can leave your employment. 

It wouldn’t be a salary match, it only needs to be enough to cover your bills so you can invest more time in growing your business.

Having a freedom figure helps focus your efforts and gives you a target to work towards. 

balance a business alongside a job

Employee mindset Vs Business owner mindset

It sounds fancy being an entrepreneur, doesn’t it?

To get great rewards, which entrepreneurship can give you. You need to develop the mindset of being your own boss. 

You are no longer given a task to complete and then you’ll get paid at the end of the month, or like some employees who don’t complete their tasks and still get paid at the end of the month. 

You need to be accountable to yourself for your actions. That is the only way you will get great rewards.

Set priorities for the day

When you are juggling two things or more, overwhelm can be your biggest enemy.

Stop it in its tracks!

Every day pick three top priorities that you would have to achieve.

The top three that need to be actioned. Go and do them.

The next day, do the same. 

Building a business alongside a busy job can seem like a handful but it is completely doable and can be fun! 

Break down what you need to do into chunks and chip away at them every day.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but day by day you can build an empire!

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I hope you did because each week I put my heart into making sure you get some great tips so you can rock it in your travels and business while creating a life you love.

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