How to create your freedom through travel?

how to create your freedom through travel

Freedom comes in different forms and shapes and means different things for each one of us.

Before you carry on reading this piece, I want you to pause for just a moment, close your eyes and think about what the meaning of freedom to you is.

One of the main things I love about travel is how it frees the mind …

To me, that’s the ultimate freedom. It shifts your perspective on what is important and what really matters in your life.

The small things will stop bothering you.

Your mindset and your vision expand.

When you see how other people around the world live. What they have to experience and go through. What you consider as problems back home could very well be privileges.

One of the things that I regret not doing more of when I was growing up is travel, but all is not lost. I still have quite a few years in me to get some more miles under my belt.

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Your freedom could be beyond that of the mind. It could be freedom from health problems, freedom from loneliness, freedom from anxiety and stress, and freedom from routine.

how to create your freedom through travel

I suppose a big question here is how to achieve the freedom to travel so you can create freedom through travel?


Think again with me, what’s holding you back from traveling more?

There very well could a long list of reasons, but if you take a closer look at them, they boil down to two things:

Time and money.

P.S someone reading this might go; well, there’s the pandemic too!

I’m not here to dismiss it but I’m not going to discuss it because again most of the limitations the pandemic has imposed is time and/or money restraints. The worldwide, national and local health impact and restrictions will not last forever. While travel will be around forever so we might as well figure out the timeless problems and let the temporary be temporary.

What most people don’t know is that you can generate both money and time through travel. Yes, you heard it right.

The travel industry builds in commission into everything we can purchase in it.

The car rental, the caravan, the airport parking, the airport lounge, the flight, any accommodation big or small, any activities like excursions, theatre tickets and Christmas markets, the cruise ships. The fully packaged or the individual items that we book are all commissioned.

That can come back in your own pocket, or you can leave it for different organizations, websites, or suppliers to put it in theirs. The choice is yours.

We all travel, at least once a year if not more. How much would up to 20% commission on what you book make a difference to you?

Take a look at your last booking, do the maths and see what that number would be and how nice it would have been to have it back.

how to create your freedom through travel

We can’t live off the 20% some might say and yeah I get you, but this is for every time you book something for yourself or for your friends and family from something you were going to do anyways.

You can even let the people around you book through your unique booking engine and you get the commission for a holiday they were going to do anyway,

The prices on your booking engine are comparable to those on other engines so they won’t be at a loss booking through you.

Can you see how the commissions would pile up?

Go beyond your own travels and scale this into an independent home-based business that you can run from anywhere in the world at any time. Many have joined the travel program and have learned the invaluable skills we teach and coach and have grown a massively successful business.

how to create your freedom through travel
how to create your freedom through travel
how to create your freedom through travel
how to create your freedom through travel

Once you have generated the income you need and you do it on your own terms in your own time. Then guess what?

You have solved the two problems you had stopping you from creating your freedom.

Create freedom through travel so you can be free to travel and achieve that freedom goal of yours!

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