How to pack like a pro? The Ultimate packing tips, tricks and lists

There is just no point in paying extra fees for excess luggage, nor breaking your back carrying items you wouldn’t really need on your trip, wouldn’t you agree?

I spent a long time traveling, and thus trailing and testing the packing steps, tips, and tricks that I’m about to share with you below.

We have an awesome downloadable ‘The Packing Guide for Busy Professionals’ freebie as well for you – saving you time researching checklists and pro tips. 

You can have this at your fingertips whenever you need to jet off again.

Does this look familiar?

how to plan a solo trip to China

That used to be me, what’s worse though is that I’d get to my destination and regret bringing about half of the items!

Practice makes perfect though, the more I rolled and folded my way through the world the more I knew what works and what doesn’t.

This was a two-week combo city break and hiking trip I took in 2019.

I visited Huston Texas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Teton National Park.

I need glam outfits as well as casual hiking gear. It all fitted in that luggage there.

ultimate packing tips

Also, let’s face it. You’d want to have some wiggle room in your luggage for souvenirs, for that outfit that you couldn’t resist buying, gifts, and chocolates you want to bring back home, don’t you?

Here are the ultimate packing tips you need to know when you start packing for your next trip:

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ultimate packing tips
ultimate packing tips
ultimate packing tips
Trip Activities & Trip Length
ultimate packing tips
ultimate packing tips
Travel Mode
ultimate packing tips
Toiletries and Accessories
ultimate packing tips
Miscellaneous items
ultimate packing tips
Packing Lists
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