Toiletries and Accessories

Toiletries can get a bit tricky with the 100ml rule but Ive got you covered.

Decanting is going to be your best friend for this.

When you go shopping for toiletries and makeup, my top tip is to ask for sample bottles. Empty ones, yes empty ones. They are the perfect size and shape to decant your own toiletries in.

Of course, feel free to ask them for full-on samples but they tend to manufacture them nowadays in plastic wrapping or an awkward shape container. You don’t need that.

You can even decant a chunk of your lipstick to a small container and use a tiny brush to apply it.

Over the years I have collected a number of small size bottles and tiny containers either from products I have used, samples from makeup counters, or hotel toiletries that I empty out and reuse with products I like.


You can buy purpose-made bottles and containers in shops and online as well. There are plenty of options.

how to pack like a pro
how to pack like a pro

I would opt for one that comes with a transparent plastic bag that way you don’t need to empty your liquids into another bag when you’re at the airport and worry if you brought too much.

More tips in the guide

Drop me a comment with your toiletries nightmare, I’m sure I can find a hack to solve it for you!

Accessories depend pretty much on personal style

There are a few things that I would recommend taking with you

  • they’ll make your outfit pop
  • they will double up in purpose and use

scarfs are a good example of both a and b, use them as an extra layer to the flimsy airline blanket, as a beach blanket or a sarong, hair cover when it’s raining because you didn’t listen to me and took an umbrella instead of a coat. It also adds an accent color to your outfit.

I think it’s essential for both men and women.

Crossbody bag or a messenger bag. You may opt for a day pack (especially when you’re a family or group of travelers), try and get an antitheft one when you carry a bag on your back in crowded places you don’t want your valuables to go missing. Check out this link for ideas.

Other accessories to think about:

– Sunglasses: I usually take one but you may like to take a couple more on a beach holiday.

– Gloves, hats, hand/foot warmers: you’ll appreciate them for the colder trips.

– A waterproof phone pouch for those swimming pool shots.


Avoid taking these with you:

Expensive or sentimental items

Rings and small earrings – they are easy to lose. You may want to wear a wedding band though in some countries even if you are single.

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