Trip Activities and Trip Length

Trip activities

You need to account for space your surfboard, snorkeling kit, or your rock-climbing gear is going to take and check the guidance on how you can fly/travel with it.

You might want to look up options of how and where to rent equipment at your destination or travel by car, so you have more room. Another option is to book with a company that offers package trip activities and equipment.

Your activities will also influence how many outfits you need, if you’re spending all your trip in a diving suit then you won’t need as many outfits compared to a trip exploring museums and going to fancy dinners.

Trip length

It’s useful to write this one down to help you visualize what you actually need to take with you to suit all days of your trip. I would just jot down how many days I’m going and how many outfits I’d anticipate needing.

This advice is not only for ladies! We all tend to overpack, women are more guilty of it but some men tend to take items that just don’t match or pack too little.

In the packing guide, you’ll find a trip length and outfit ready-made plan that you can copy.

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